Sunday, September 29, 2013


How is it that Sunday nights come so fast? It feels like one minute, we are all so excited it's Friday, and then it's Sunday night.... just like that! Well anyways, I had a great weekend spending time with family and friends. But as always, it went by too fast. Here are some snippets of my weekend!
But, I figured an update on my classroom and our shenanigans seemed fitting. I cannot believe that I have had my very own classroom for a month now. I love my 36 kiddos, and I am extremely pleased with the community that we have built in our classroom. Our third grade family:-) We have been working really hard on building our stamina for Daily five in our class. Check out these sweeties
My kids are just loving word work! I introduced four different options for word work this past week. My kids will get to choose from addition spelling, scrabble spelling, magnetic words, and secret code spelling.
I also found some great word work over at the amazing classroom
And finally, I was looking for a fun way to use my old scrabble tiles for word work. I knew I wanted the kids to use the tiles to practice their spelling words/word work, but I was looking for a recording sheet. Hop over to 3rdgradethoughts for some great resources! 

And that's a little tid bit into our little third grade family, one month in, building our stamina. 

And hey, I can officially say that I have survived a full month of teaching in my VERY OWN classroom!!!

Happy Sunday! 


  1. Wow you have a lot of kiddos! How do you do it? I follow you in Instagram and now here too!

  2. Yes! We did a hire a new third grade teacher, so I am down to 27 now which is much more manageable! Happy December!