Sunday, October 27, 2013

Sugar, Cinnamon, Chef Hats, and Applesauce Fun!

I am really excited to share our past week's shenanigans! This week, we launched our " how to " writing unit. Since most of my students had never written a " how to", I really wanted to bring the experience alive. So, my students started crafting an essay on how to make applesauce:-) I started by reading a quick read aloud about making applesauce on a stove top to activate prior knowledge.

Now, we have been working really hard to work our way through the different steps of the writing process. So first, we began brainstorming the different ideas/ steps that we thought we would need to take to make applesauce.

After brainstorming, we got back together the next day as a group and reviewed the exact steps that we would need to take to make tasty, sweet applesauce. I even gave them the exact amounts of sugar, water, and cinnamon that would need to be added to the mixture. It was then the students' job to begin writing their own how to's. Since my students work at different paces, I had many students brainstorming and writing out the steps in logical order while others were already revising and editing their pieces. After they revised and edited, the kiddos were ready to publish and draft their final copy! After they did this,  they were able to make this fun applesauce craftivity! 


They absolutely loved making their applesauce bowls! Find these cute activities at Tangled Up In Teaching.

Finally, we were ready on Friday to do the fun part! We got to make our own Apple Sauce.
I squeezed in this cute anchor chart to review our specific steps that we needed to follow. 
And then, the fun began!!


And finally after the applesauce cooked in the crockpot for about 3.5 hours on high, we got to enjoy it. 


     THEY LOVED IT!!! 


It was delicious!!!

And just one more of my kiddos with his adorable chef hat on!

 Next week, my students will begin crafting their own how to's on topics of their own choice. Stay tuned for more third grade fun!


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