Sunday, October 13, 2013

Daily 5 in Full Swing!

     I am so excited about this post because I am so proud of my kiddos! Last week, our third and fourth graders had to take standardized tests on Tuesday and Wednesday. But, we were finally able to start our Daily 5 rotations, and I was so excited and impressed.
     Now, it is important to keep in mind that we have been building our stamina for almost 5 weeks now. I started by introducing Read to Self, and then I gradually introduced the other 4 rotations with T charts laying out the teacher and student expectations. My students especially loved our interactive modelings. The students loved to model the inappropriate behaviors. I actually also really enjoyed watching my kiddos model these inappropriate behaviors since they were having such a good time with it! More importantly, having the students model these appropriate and inappropriate behaviors gave the students a concrete image of what it should and should not look like during each daily five rotation. I also have these adorable signs! Thanks to 4thgradefrolics.

A bulletin board picture will be uploaded very soon with our rotations:-) 
Here are a a few pictures of my kiddos fully engaged during our reading block! 
We started with a mini lesson about writing strong sentences. My kids loved this because they did not want to be called weak! 
Here are a few sweeties engaged in " Reading to Someone." 
                                               My kids absolutely love " listening to reading."
And of course, a student favorite, scrabble spelling! 

Working on Writing! 

Even just looking at these pictures again makes me so happy as a teacher because I see my 36 buddies fully engaged in reading and writing, while I am giving the much needed one-on-one or small group support at my guided reading table. I am so thankful for this management system because it gives us teachers the time to give that support, the support that our kids justly deserve from us! And before I'm off to bed, just a few snippets of my Michigan weekend! 

 Have a great week!


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