Sunday, October 20, 2013

Science Fun and a Freebie!

Hey Everyone!
I have a really cute activity to share with you!

In our third grade classroom, we have been working on the Scientific Method. My students have really enjoyed doing different experiments while practicing how to go through the steps of the Scientific Method. They also absolutely love being called scientists! I really enjoy the look on their faces when I call them writers, mathematicians, readers, scientists, historians. I really feel it motivates and engages many of my learners. ANYWAYS, we have been at work with the scientific method. I started this unit by reading a cute little story about being a scientist, and I used this awesome video that my kids love to reveal the different steps of the scientific method.

I then had the kids use the scientific method to write about something they would love to learn more about as a scientist!!  The kids were able to use these adorable posters to guide their thinking. 

After a few days of practice with the Scientific Method and fun little experiments, I was ready to have the kids test it out themselves with this fun activity!  I found this from Smart Chick!
The kids were given three paper clips, a lifesaver, a gummy worm, and a plastic cup. And, they had to save Fred from drowning because his lifesaver was stuck under his boat ( the plastic cup). However, they could not touch the cup, lifesaver, or gummy worm with their hands. They could only touch the paper clips with their hands. They were given these rules, and then they were set off to predict and hypothesize how they would be able to save Fred and get his life preserver back on his body! The kids loved this activity, and I really found that this activity pushed them to work with a partner cooperatively while also thinking deeply through problem solving. Here are the sweeties at work and smiling! 

After the kiddos observed, hypothesized, planned, and experimented, they were given a recording sheet where they recorded their solution so that they could communicate their findings! 
You can grab this activity here for free! Can you Save Fred?

I'm excited for tomorrow because we are starting our Daily 5 math rotations! Stay tuned:-) 

Happy Blogging! 

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