Sunday, December 8, 2013

Thanksgiving Happenings

And once again, it has been almost a month since I blogged last. But hey, I think I already know what my New Years' Resolution is going to be:-) A lot has been going on since I last updated all of ya. Thanksgiving came and past! I would love to share some of the great activities that I did with my kiddos the week before Thanksgiving and as well as Thanksgiving week.

I absolutely LOVE holiday stories, so I chose to do a book study on the fabulous "Twas the night before Thanksgiving" by Dav Pilkey. I chose this book because I wanted to work on character traits as well as problem/solution as our reading strategies. I also found this great read aloud on youtube. Check it out!
The kids always love watching videos, and even better when it's a read aloud!

After sequencing and doing a close reading of the text, we discussed the different characters in the story. We made character charts discussing the three components of each character: personality traits, motivation, and emotions/feelings. I really enjoyed this activity because it required my students to go back to the text for EVIDENCE! Evidence seems to be the new buzz word in our classroom. I am always pushing my students to go back to the text for evidence to support our assertions ( they also love when I use this fancy word for our opinions/claims).

And then, we were ready for our delightful Thanksgiving themed rotations! Since these we were different than our typical Daily 5 rotations, I simply had the students work in table groups, and I rotated the activity.

These were our rotations... 

 The students filled out graphic organizers analyzing the traits of the turkeys from our story!
 Then, the sweeties filled out Venn diagrams comparing/contrasting the kids and Farmer MackNugget.

And finally, the students read Thanksgiving themed stories to a partner. They absolutely loved reading about pilgrims, thankful mice, and Thanksgiving traditions! You can grab these activities here!

Oh, and I can't forget this adorable persuasive writing activity that the kiddos absolutely loved.
We read a few persusasive books to introduce this genre of writing to students, and then the students were set off to write persuasive letters to Farmer MackNugget trying to convince him to save the turkeys! They turned out adorable!

And last but not least, here is snapshot of our cutie pie turkey filled with our family traditions for Thanksgiving! The kids really enjoyed seeing how their family was similar and different from their friends. And I can't forget to add that I did make pumpkin pie cups for my students to devour while discussing our family traditions:-) I sure do love my job!

Happy December friends! 


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