Friday, January 24, 2014

New Years' Resolutions

Oh my goodness, I really need to be better at this! I absolutely love blogging, but there are just not enough hours in the day! For some reason, January has been very overwhelming. Maybe it is the fact that we got a three week vacation, so it was very difficult to transition back into the swing of things. But, I am finally feel back on my feet now. We have been doing some awesome writing and reading activities that I am very excited to share with ya. But first.....


1. I want to blog more. I really enjoy connecting with other teachers around the country. It is so inspiring to watch and see what other teachers are doing. I also think blogging makes me remember how empowering teacher is as a profession. I'm so grateful to love my profession so much, and I sure do wanna continue to stay up to date with all the creative, hands on instructional ideas out there! 

2. I want to spend more time on me. As a first year teacher, I am so concerned with my classroom, my sweeties, and sleep. But, I really need to focus on taking some time on the weekends to clear my mind and stay healthy. And my plan is to go back to my most favorite thing... yoga!! I love hot yoga, and I really need to get back into it. Anyone else out there obsessed with hot yoga?? 

3. I want to learn from the experienced teachers at my school. 
4. I want to take a summer off:-) haaa maybe... I don't know if I can sit still for that long. 
5. I want to do at least three Monday Made its in a row! 
6. I want to see these ladies more! 

6. I want to stay close to my Lord... and remember that He is the reason that I am so happy<3 

And a glimpse into our third grade January

A little force and motion:-) 
A little cause and effect 

Happy Friday... and I promise I'll be back soon! 

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