Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Currently February

I am linking up with Oh' Boy Fourth Grade to share my currently! 

Listening..... You'll always catch me listening to some good ol country. I am a sucker for love songs, and Hunter Hayes is a cutie:-) 

Loving.... As always, this week has been hectic filled with unexpected happenings. It is always reassuring to know that the Lord is watching over me and has a plan for everything. I try to remember this so I don't freak out!! 

Thinking.....that my classroom is probably trashed because I was out today for a training, and I will also be out tomorrow. I'm not sure if I have shared this yet, but I am a fanatic with my room.... and I know when I go into school on Friday, my eyes aren't going to be pleased.

Wanting.... oh doesn't that sound good!!! I love Cinnabon!!

Needing..... to stop worrying about things out of my control like student home life, the future, the future, ...I could go on and on.

And finally....
Truth: I do have two older brothers. Jeff is 25 attending medical school in Chicago. Jacob is 23, and he works in HR for Chryseler:-) 
Truth: I also love to scrapbook in my free time, but it is very expensive! But, I sure do love it! 
Did ya guess it right? 
Fib: My favorite color is not yellow..... I adore the color purple! 

And, that's my currently for now! 

Have a great February and Happy Wednesday! 



  1. I did not guess right on your Truth and Fib-- The gold on your blog design had me fooled!! Love your blog design -- found you through the Currently linkup :)

  2. I always cringe a bit when I walk into my room after I have sub as well. You're right, a cinnamon roll sounds amazing right now!
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