Wednesday, April 2, 2014

April Currently

It is finally April! I am very excited that it is April because hopefully warm weather will come with this new month! Our winter here in Michigan has been long and cold, and I am so ready for some warm weather and sunshine! Speaking of sunshine, I will be in Las Vegas laying at the pool in approximately 4 days!! Bring it on spring break! 

Check out my April Currently

Currently, I am listening to my love sing along to his music while he is studying for his pharmacy exam. It's funny how some people sing along as they study, some just listen to music while they study, and other need silence as they study. I always liked to listen to music when I studied, but I sure hope I didn't sing along while I was in the library studying:-) 

Currently, I am loving the fact that I will be on a plane and laying at the pool in four days from now. We start spring break at approximately 4pm this Friday, and I will be on a plane this weekend to Las Vegas with my mom, grandmother, and aunt. I am beyond excited to see the sunshine and also just to relax and turn my mind off for awhile! It is so hard to do that as a teacher! 

Currently, I am thinking that I have a ton of grading to do before I leave for spring break. I am the type of person who likes to go on break with all my work prepped and completed for when I return. I want my lesson plans, small group lesson plans, centers, and papers graded and done before I leave school this Friday. But unfortunately, we have conferences the week we come back! I know, so not fair!! So, I have been doing report cards and finishing up grading which has led me to neglect my lesson plans! It will get done though.....I hope!

Currently, I am wanting an extra prep hour in the day to rearrange my classroom slightly. I have been wanting to get rid of my teacher desk for a while and move my small group table over to that corner, but I never seem to find the time to think it out and actually do it! I am thinking I can move my small group table over to my teacher corner, and I can place an extra table in that former corner for my work on writing station! I also really think this will open up the room! 

Currently, I am needing some good ole sleep! I have had meetings until 7ish every night this week, was observed last week, and am now coming down with a cold. I need to get some quality sleep, and it would be oh so wonderful to walk into school tomorrow with a grande White Chocolate Mocha in hand! 

And yes, we go until June 18th, and it is a full day !!!!! I know this is late, but luckily since we had so many extra days built into our calendar, we hopefully won't have to make up any snow days! 

Thanks for the currently Farley, and I am excited to check out what the rest of you are up to this April! 

Happy April and happy soon spring break!!



  1. Hi Gabrielle! I enjoyed reading your Currently! I'm so jealous you'll be on spring break! Ours isn't for another week and a half. Have fun in Vegas! Sounds wonderful and warm!!

    Missing Tooth Grins

  2. Hi Gabrielle! I'm glad I found this Currently link party - it's so fun to get to know other bloggers! I'm just starting out so it's fun to see how other people do it too! Enjoy your spring break! We had ours a few weeks ago, and I'm already missing it. :)