Saturday, June 14, 2014

End of the Year Activities!

Hey all, 
I have been missing for way too long, and I apologize for that. It has been crazy busy with the end of the year, and we still have 2 in a half more days left until summer break! But, report cards are done, and I am just about to go into school to start packing up all my teacher stuff:-( ..... this should be interesting! 

Here are a few snapshots of what has been going on in our third grade classroom the past few days! 

I found this adorable activity from Jessica Travis. You can find the link here

The kids went absolutely crazy for this..... they were actually quietly cutting, glueing, and writing with our writing music. Absolute bliss<3 Basically, this activity involved the students making an adorable cupcake that flipped up with pages that required the students to reflect and write on their experiences in third grade. They did a great job, and they look adorable in our hallway. I forgot to snap that picture, but I will add it ASAP, I promise. 

Oh and this last one melted my heart. I just love to see the love of writing developing in our students   :-) 

This week, we also had two EXTRA SPECIAL activities. We had our 3rd grade fun picnic schedule at a nearby park, and yesterday our school ran their annual carnival/field day! Lots of fun filled with food, sugar, sweat, and smiles:-) oh and a little bit of rain! 

Here are a few shots of some sweeties enjoying their end of the year activities.

This week, it really started to sink in that I only have a few day left with my sweet kiddos. I am really going to miss them this summer and even next year! As a first year teacher, this is my first experience at the end of the year, and I am much more attached than I had imagined. I sure do love these sweeties!! 



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