Monday, October 13, 2014

Monday Made it for October!

Hi there!!
     Wow, like all of us, things have been crazy with beginning of the year shenanigans, but I am linking up with Tara from 4th Grade Frolics to share one of my huge time savers!
     Since last year was my first year of teaching, I quickly became obsessed with stocking up with new math centers and games for math workshop. I quickly became an addict of TPT, and I found myself printing, laminating, and cutting every weekend. I was purchasing activity after activity, and I was quickly amazed how TPT was transforming my teaching. My kids were so engaged in their learning through of all these hands on experiences. However, as a result, I printed and bought A TON of resources!!!! And the question became.... where and how am I going to organize all of these creations? 
     At first I thought I would just keep a master copy of each printable and store the centers in my big brown closet! However, that became very cluttered and disorganized as I continued to create more activities for math workshop. The closet became full, and it was nearly impossible to quickly pull out the correct center when needed promptly. So then, I began to research.... I came across this and thought it was a cool idea....
But, I HAD WAY TOO MANY to fit into this organizer. So, I decided to purchase larger sterilite boxes to store all my seasonal and math centers. This way, I would be able to sort and organize them by topic! These are the boxes that I ended up using.

I got a great deal on Amazon when I bought them in bulk. I then found these amazing Common Core Math labels from Ashely over at That's So Elementary. She has these fabulous labels that I thought would work perfectly for all my math centers. Instead of organizing them in boxes by EveryDay math unit, I chose to organize them by Common Core standard/topic! I love this because they are so easy to find for small group instruction! Here are what the labels look like.

And here are what my boxes look like inside my closet after all of the organizing!! 

You can find the Common Core labels here  and the editable labels here!
Happy organizing and happy October bloggers!


  1. I love your organization! At the risk of sounding extremely nerdy...organizing is one of my favorite parts of teaching. I feel like every year I get better and better at it and it just helps everything run so smoothly.

    Living the First Grade Dream

  2. I'm nominating you for the Liebster Award. I am so happy I stumbled upon your blog! Check out the nomination by clicking here!