Sunday, November 16, 2014

A Little Bit of Science and ELA at the Same Time

Oh my!! I have been so absent my friends, and I apologize. I have to admit I have been completely consumed with school for the past couple months. I thought that my second year would be MUCH easier, but it is not.... I certainly have many more resources ready to go, but I am much busier this year with after school meetings and committees. I think I can already see my new year'so resolution.... finding a balance!!

But anyways, we have been doing some fun things in third grade. I wanted to share one activity that we did this past week that integrated ELA and science. We have been working on the scientific method, and we have done many experiments to practice our understanding of these steps. This week, we specifically practiced the first step of the scientific method: observing. I gave the kids each about 10 little pieces of macaroni noodles uncooked. They were asked to observe these and record their descriptions using the five senses. It was really fun reminding the students to use sensory details because they have been working extra hard on writing with sensory details in their personal narratives.
Here are some of my kiddos busy observing!

Then, we had a short mini lesson to review writing with quotation marks with dialogue. This is
another skill that my students have been working on. They have been working on adding dialogue in
their personal narratives to make their writing come alive for the reader!

And then it was time to create! The students used their macaroni noodles that they observed to create dialogue sentences!! They loved it!!

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