Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Measurement Measurement Measurement!!

Oh my! It has been way too long! So many exciting things have been going on, but before I write about my personal life.... let me fill you in with all the exciting things I have been learning and practicing in my third grade classroom. Fortunately, I was invited to participate in a project called the Assessment Literacy Network. With this project, I meet with other teachers in our area monthly to discuss and revamp our vision and practices surrounded around assessments.  I can honestly say that I have learned a TON, and I am already trying to implement much of these practices into my everyday teaching. We have been studying Rick Stiggins' Classroom Assessment for Student Learning. 
Maybe I will dedicate a whole post to this insightful man, but let me give you the big take aways that I have been trying to implement in my classroom.

1. Before teaching and assessing students, we have to deconstruct the standards. After deconstructing the standards, we then know as teachers what is expected of our students.
2. After deconstructing a standard, we translate the learning goals into student friendly language that we will eventually use explicitly with the students.
3. Since we deconstructed the standards, we now know what types of learning goals are expected, and we can create a pre assessment that only assesses these learning goals in the most effective way.
4. Analyze the pre assessment results and guide instruction from the results while implementing and reflecting on formative assessments along the way!

That was a real quick run down, but I have been doing a ton of work to stay true to only teaching what the standards are requiring of our students. You would be amazed how our curriculum includes so many objectives, lessons, and activities that do not speak to the Common Core. I also have been amazed at the results. I enacted my first whole unit using all of these practices with measurement, and the results were outstanding! ALL of my students moved into the proficiency level by the end of the post assessment. Truly makes my heart smile!

Let me show you some of the documents that I used within the unit.

Then, we created a pre assessment that ONLY assessed these goals.

If you notice the smileys, we incorporated those to promote some self evaluation with the kiddos.

And from here, our third grade team analyzed our result and created an instructional plan! Now time for the fun part.... here are some pictures of my kids learning hands on how to measure!

Along the way, I used this great checklist to see where each student was with the learning targets and to know when they were ready to move onto more difficult targets. 

Along the left side was each student's name, and I had a checklist like this for each learning target. I am definitely going to continue to use these grids because they really helped me ACTUALLY see where each student was, and it also helped me pull flexible small groups for guided math instruction. And last but not least...... just check out these results! 

This could make me smile for days!! 

Happy blogging!! 

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