Monday, August 3, 2015

Monday Made It! 8/3/15

Wow, time sure is flying by! I am going to be back in my classroom before we know it! But, I sure do have a lot of projects to tackle before I am ready. I am ready to kick into back to school mode!
I am excited again to be linking up with Tara to share some of this week's projects to add to my NEW third grade classroom at my NEW school! Ahh, that last sentence excites me a lot!

I have a few this week, but I actually am waiting for some of my other projects to dry outside now so I will share those next week :p
To start out, I finally purchased this amazing decor packet from School Girl style titles Hello SunShine! I know I shared some of this info last week, but I actually purchased the packet, and I began making labels and adorable signs for my new classroom. You can find the pack here!
Here is a reminder of what it looks like.

I began making labels and such this week. Here is an adorable can I made using her fabulous digital papers to put on my teacher desk.

 I started with a cheap. one dollar, cylinder vase from Dollar Tree. I bought some cute yellow flowers to go inside.
It was as easy as select the paper, print, tape, and put flowers inside! I love how it turned out. 
I also started creating labels and banners for with my new classroom colors. I made these adorable banners, and I can't wait to hang them up! 

I also found these adorable tassel banners to go along with these banners. I'M IN LOVE!! 

I know for sure that I want to use one of these tassel banners above my desk/teacher area with an additional banner with my name. I have a vision.... you can see the end product in just a few weeks! 
I also had a really good time last week finishing up some last minute decorating touches before Josh and I's first home warming party. We had all of our friends and family over on Friday to see our new house, and I just had to put up some of our wedding pictures to display. So, I decided to tackle a gallery wall. 
 I got this gallery frame set from Bed Bath and Beyond, and we didn't even have to pay anything since we still have tons of gift cards from our wedding shower.
 I fist laid out all of the frames to see sizes and colors of the frames.
 It came with this handy dandy template, and it really truly was easy peasy! I did it all without asking Josh for help!!

And here is our end product! I love it!!! 

Happy August and happy summer! Enjoy the time you have left! 


  1. You classroom decorations look ADORABLE!!!! Can't wait to see your classroom pictures- I'm sure it is all going to look incredible! :)
    I love your gallery wall-it looks great!!

    Stomping Through First

  2. I love your classroom decorations!! :) Ok...I might be asking a crazy question, but how did you exactly do the vase decorations??!! Sticky paper?? I LOVE it and want to do it!!

    1. Hi there! I actually just printed the background on heavy white cardstock and folded it around the vase, then taped in the back. Sticky paper would work too!

  3. Where did you get the tassles for the banner?

    1. I found both of the tassels at Hobby Lobby!