Saturday, October 24, 2015

Ghostly Greetings!

We're exactly one week away from Halloween. With the halloween spirit in mind, I have been trying to keep my kiddos engaged while practicing skills  in our classroom. We just finished drafting and revising/editing our personal narratives. Our Lucy Calkins' unit stressed so many amazing teaching points. One of these teaching points was the idea that students should be showing their story to their readers versus simply telling. We worked very hard to come up with examples to show versus tell. We even picked apart and revised our own personal narratives to change telling sentences to showing sentences. With these efforts, students were using much more dialogue. As wonderful as it was to see their stories come to life, I was quickly noticing that many of my students were having issues with the punctuation that comes along with dialogue in their writing. Our Calkins' unit did teach this punctuation, but we simply needed more practice! I went on a hunt to find an engaging activity that stressed dialogue practice in a festive way!

Then, I found this!! I was sure to mention to my students that each ghost had to be appropriate. Nothing violent was allowed. Check out this amazing post from Halle at Across the Hall in 2nd. I found it to be perfect for my third graders, and we jumped right in! Here is what my students created!

 This one is simply adorable! The students certainly revealed their creativity, while practicing using commas, punctuation, and quotation marks  properly with dialogue!

Happy October friends!

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