Saturday, October 3, 2015

October Currently

I am linking up with to share my October currently. I truthfully cannot believe September is already over. Yesterday marked the end of our fourth week together in third grade. We have accomplished so much, and I am excited to see where this year takes us!

Listening- I have to admit it! I cracked and lit our first fire this morning in our house. It has been so much colder than usual, and I needed the warmth! I can't say I'm sad I did it. One of my favorite things to do on the weekend is to wake up without any alarm, drink my warm cup of coffee looking at our mantle and fireplace! It relaxes me, and I can't wait to do it again tomorrow morning!

Loving: I am obsessed with fall right now. We always have a fall candle burning, anything from caramel apple to pumpkin to vanilla. I also have been drinking a ton of cider, especially all warmed up in a beauteous mug. It sure can set the mood for the day OR spruce up a day!

Thinking: Well, I was just reading Kayla Delzer's article about creating a classroom learning space that is student focused rather than teacher centered. I am inspired to try out a few things. I am just thinking and wondering how I can do these things on a budget. If you have any suggestions, let me know:-)

Wanting: Yes, I am about to get up and make myself another cup of warm coffee on this delightful fall morning. Hey, I might even add a splash of the pumpkin creamer that the hubs bought!

Needing: I have been really wrapped up in school with creating projects, grading papers, making power points, and I really NEED and WANT some more quality time with my main man at home and with my parents. Come 6 pm tonight, we will be ready to watch our Wolverines beat Maryland!!

Boo-tiful- I am just blown away by my kiddos this year! They take their learning seriously, and I am impressed by them more each and every day. This week, we did a two day lesson that focused on the scientific method, problem solving skills, and most importantly, team work. My kids were STUNNING! They collaborated, brainstormed, and came up with very creative solutions! It makes me so excited to continue this journey together throughout our school year!

Here a few snapshots of my third graders in collaboration mode!

Happy Fall! 


  1. So jealous of your cool fall weather! A fire in the fireplace- lucky! I love how you are making your classroom more child centered. I'm a kindergarten teacher and I have the kids rotate through 10 centers every week. That's how I try to accomplish that.


  2. I'm about to grab my second cup of coffee with some pumpkin creamer as well! Fall flavors and smells are the BEST!

    Stomping Through First

  3. Your kiddos look SO engaged! Looks like they're having a great time learning! I would LOVE to have a fire to sit and watch in the mornings! When it's cold I usually wrap up in my fluffy dressing gown, blanket, cup of tea and sit watching mind numbing tv for a little while, a fire sounds much more appealing!

    Teaching Autism

  4. First, I just want to say that your blog is absolutely adorable! It's so bright and fun!
    I switched over to flexible seating last year and I LOVE it! I did a Donor's Choose project to get some of the things I needed to get started. I found that the things I really needed were tubs for their books and supplies and shelves to store their tubs, so this was the biggest chunk of my project. I was able to modify a lot of things I already had in my room. I raised the legs on a set of desks up to make standing desks, I completely took off the legs of a table to lower it to the ground, and I turned desks backwards (so there was no opening for books) and zip tied the legs together for a makeshift table. It can be done!
    Shine on in First Grade

    1. Thank you for the sweet comment! I just checked out your classroom, and I am going to look into flexible seating right now! I love your exercise balls and standing desks! Great idea!