Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Michigan Maps!

Kids love projects! It is always fun to incorporate projects into our learning in third grade. Our district is big on incorporating the 4 C's ( collaboration, communication, creativity, and critical thinking) into our teaching practice. I love this because I am a firm believe that the 4 C's are crucial to the success of our future learners. These are skills that our kiddos need to master for their future. I am excited to share this fun project that my third graders completed at home. In Social Studies, our big focus is our wonderful state, Michigan. We study Michigan geography, history, economics, and government. We had been learning about Michigan geography and history. To reveal and push their learning, students created Michigan Maps given the follow requirements noted below.

The students did a great job with this project. They really showed their creativity and personalities. After they turned in their projects, I teamed up with one of our other third grade classes to participate in a gallery walk. Students taught the other third grade class about their Michigan maps. It was very empowering to see the students teaching other students with such pride. Here are a few snap shots!

Just a little snippet into our current Social Studies learning!

Have a fabulous week of teaching and learning!