Saturday, April 9, 2016

March Happenings!

Yes, I know it is April! But, barely! And, we had so much going on in March that I would love to share with you guys! As I'm sure many of us already know, March was Reading month! Wow, I was completely blown away by our fabulous reading month committee. We had an amazing month of reading full of meaningful and FUN activities. I have to start by saying that we just switched our mobile carriers, and right now, all my pictures are "missing." Once I hopefully find them on the cloud, I will upload the pictures I took from March.

Our reading month theme was "Character Matters." All of our activities revolved around Julia Cook's character books. Have you read any of Julia Cook's books? If you haven't you should look her up! Her books are great for families, parents, and teachers. She has many different books that are written in kid friendly language that teach certain character traits. Check out her website! She has so many titles addressing topics such as bullying, health, hygiene, anger, lying, peer pressure, etc. The more books I read of hers, the more I want to buy to read for my kiddos. They are so kid friendly, and the kids really connect with the content. I plan to buy quite a few more for the beginning of next school year. Some of our class favorites are: Soda Pop Head, My Mouth is a Volcano, and But It's not My Fault. During the month of March, each week we had a book of focus. We read the book to our class and had a rich discussion regarding the topic. Depending on the book, we then created a craft or completed an activity that pushed the kids to think deeper with the issue. One of our amazing readnig month reps even got Julia Cook to come give a presentation to our school. She led a parent night, a teacher PD, and two assemblies for our kiddos. The kids loved her and her precious dog. She is quite hilarious and engaging!

Earlier in the month, we also had our "Pajama Camp Read A lot" day. We came to school in our pajamas and read and listened to mystery readers all day. The kids loved cuddling up in their blankets next to our "camp fire" on the projector reading their favorite books. It was also very neat to have parents and grandparents come into our classroom to read their favorite books! It was a lot of fun!

At our school, we also had a reading festival at the end of the month.  This day was SO much fun! Beforehand, the kids were able to sign up for different books that they would like to listen to for ar read aloud. Throughout the day, kids rotated from different classes to hear different books read aloud by different teachers. This was an awesome way to continue to build our school community and trust while listening to rich titles. The kids seemed to really enjoy this day. During the course of the reading festival, the students listened to Julia Cook's presentations. They just couldn't get enough of her!

Stayed tuned for uploaded pictures to go along with our reading month and a post about our last science unit on rocks and minerals! I can't wait to share the details!

Have a great weekend!